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Services that we offer

  • Property Maintenance
  • Commercial and Residential Plumbing and Service
  • Furnace and Boiler Service
  • Water heaters and Tank-less Service and Replacement
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Service and Renovations
  • Drain Cleaning and Camera Locating
  • Sewer Line Replacement
  • Back Water Valves and Sump Pumps
  • Gas Lines

The value of the property depends on how well it is maintained. A well-maintained property attracts tenants, and when you want to sell it, it will fetch a good price. Plumbers assist property owners in the maintenance of their buildings by offering services such as laying water pipes, fixing any broken and repairing electrical faults. It is important to contract a plumber for the repair services instead of getting one anytime a problem arises. A contracted plumber organizes and conducts inspection of the building which helps to identify any defects and dealing with them as necessary.

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Every building requires plumbing services when laying out the water and sewer lines and later to maintain them as need arises. The duties of a plumber in Edmonton include identifying any problems and fixing them before they become complicated. The plumber should be available to address any problems as they arise. Common plumbing issues include blocked pipes, blocked sewer lines, broken pipes and replacement of broken parts. The repairs may be performed as they arise but they can also be preplanned. We have the expertise and experience to give you the best service.

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Your furnace requires proper regular maintenance. The need for repairs increases with the age and usage of the equipment. When problems appear, it may not necessarily be the time to purchase a new furnace. The heater requires regular attention of the best plumber in Edmonton to fix any problems. Avoid repairing the furnace or boiler on your own unless you have the knowledge and expertise. Some of the servicing includes checking for defects, replacing broken parts, and cleaning. Any parts should be replaced fast to avoid further damage to the furnace.

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Your water heater and tank-less containers require regular maintenance to remove the mineral deposits that build up in them. You need to arrange for the flushing of the container at least once per year. The collection of the minerals is dangerous as it corrodes the inside of the tank which affects its efficiency. A good plumber will ensure the tank is properly functioning at all times. The services performed include removing the mineral deposits inside the tank and cleaning it.

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The kitchen requires regular maintenance because of regular breakdowns. The sink pipe is likely to block due to the debris from washing dishes. The pipes may break leading to leakages. The same problems may occur in the bathroom. Kitchen and bathroom repairs involve identifying worn out pipes and taps. Blocked pipes may cause overflow in the bathroom which is unhygienic. Any broken taps and pipes should be replaced as fast as possible to minimize loss of water.

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The drain pipes in your home need to be cleared to allow free passage of water when it rains. The drain pipes need to be inspected and cleaned regularly to ensure they are not blocked. The best plumber in Edmonton will go around your home inspecting all drainage connections to ensure they exit at the right places. Some parts are hidden and therefore hard to inspect. We have cameras that enable us to view the hidden parts of the pipes. The cameras allow us to focus on the blocked part if any. Digging of the ground is not required with our cameras unless it is necessary.

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Sewer lines get worn out after some time and require replacement. The pipes may also be ruptured by roots and human activities such as digging the ground. When the pipes are damaged, they need to be replaced very fast to avoid contamination of the surroundings. Plumbers are trained in the inspection of the pipes to establish if they are defective. The inspection is conducted in your home and up to the connection to the main sewer line. Identifying blockages in sewer lines is difficult as the pipes are mainly underground. However, expert plumbers use modern methods to detect blockages without having to dig up the ground. The inspection should be done regularly to identify and correct any defects.

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Sump pumps are crucial as they prevent flooding in your home. The pumps are located in the lowest parts of the house where few people go. Any plumber in Edmonton is familiar with the basement so you can be assured of having your sump pump checked and repaired as expected. The back water pumps prevent the water from flowing back into the house. The plumber inspects them to ensure they are functioning well.

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Gas lines need to be regularly inspected to ensure your home is safe. Gas leaks may lead to fire accidents and also it may contain some gasses that may harm people. During the inspection of the pipes, plumbers look for broken parts and replace them. The presence of dangerous gasses such as carbon monoxide may not be easily detected. However, inviting an expert in your home will help identify the presence of harmful gasses. We can inspect a home before occupation and recommend to you what needs to be done.

If you require the most professional plumbing service for your building, you need to get in touch with us. We will ensure all aspects of the property are considered to make it attractive to tenants and prospective buyers. We are experts in every issue related to plumbing, and we are determined to make your home comfortable. Our team of plumbers is available at any time.

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A message from the owner

“We love what we do and we are passionate about customer experience. We are always striving to make sure our customers and clients have a five star experience with us and it’s very rewarding when we get great feedback.

We know we are the best at what we do but we also understand that it’s a biased position. For this reason we have compiled a few choice testimonials from great friends and clients of ours. Just so you don’t have to take our word for it. See what they are saying about us!”

Yours Truly,
David Tiefenbach
Owner at Piper Plumbing

What our clients say

John Davis

To whom it may concern, As the owner of Cabin to Castle Property Inspections it is very important that we only recommend sub trades to do repairs on the houses we inspect, who will protect our brand. Our website has become utilized by many realtors to find trades that they can trust. Piper Plumbing has been our number one plumbing company for many years. David has given our clients exceptional service and fair pricing, with no complaints. It is with total confidence that we recommend Piper Plumbing.

Bob Cartney

As a home designer, I have worked with many trades over the past 25 years and David from Piper Plumbing is a pleasure to work with. I have referred him to many of my clients and when my hot water tank died in my own home, David installed a new one and serviced it promptly when (at no fault to him) it required warranty work. I would highly recommend Piper Plumbing to any contractor or individual needing plumbing services.

Carol Morehart

To who it may concern, I am pleased to recommend David Tiefenbach and Piper Plumbing Heating and Drain Cleaning Inc. Handyman Connection of Edmonton has used Piper Plumbing recently in a residential home to assist with the completion of a tub repair, David was able to take care of this concern within a timely and professional manner and satisfying the homeowners needs. Since early 2016 we have recommended his services to both residential and commercial clients when the scope of work does not fit our plumbing expertise. We have and will continue to work with Piper plumbing when the need arises.

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