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No Salt.. No Hassle

Introducing nuvoH2O, the healthy salt-free water softener that uses citris!

Carefree Maintenance
For years, water softeners have meant buying, lugging and dumping salt into the water softener. Salt is the number one reason for not buying a new softener. Additionally, many owners of traditional salt-based softeners fail to properly maintain, or have even abandoned their systems due to the hassle of salt. Introducing nuvoH20 with Citrus instead of salt. A single nuvoH2O cartridge is the equivalent of hundreds of pounds of salt and lasts six months or more. When empty, it takes just a few minutes to change cartridges; all at about the same cost of salt.
drop-icon Removes Existing Hard Water Scale and Prevents Scale Build-up
drop-icon Eco-Friendly – No Salt, No Waste Water, No Electricity
drop-icon Compact Design – Fits Almost Anywhere
drop-icon Extends the Life of Your Water Heater, Plumbing Fixtures and Appliances
drop-icon Innovative, Proprietary Technology Developed from Over 25 Years of Commercial Experience

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Created by: Bluelion