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Gas line installation and maintenance expertise of Piper Plumbing Edmonton

A gas line is one of the most important components of any plumbing system. Only a professional plumber can safely install a gas line. It involves a great deal of risk when it comes to repairing or installing gas lines; there is no space of errors. Our gas line experts, at Piper Plumbing, have been serving the citizens of Edmonton with utmost care. Customer’s safety always comes first. Our gas-line related expertise includes:

drop-icon Installation of gas lines in your newly-built home
drop-icon Repairing damaged or leaked lines
drop-icon Installing the right pipes in accordance with your needs
drop-icon Installing additional set-up for new appliances
drop-icon Complete guidance on gas-related safety measures
drop-icon Absolutely safe and secure procedures

Gas pipes are responsible for providing uninterrupted gas supply to various appliances installed in a premise. The demand for gas increases in winter when you need to run heating devices. We make sure you get high-pressure gas so that your gas appliances work smoothly.

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Safety measures:

Natural gas as a source of power is a great blessing. It provides countless benefits and plays a vital role in economic growth. However, it can be disastrous if safety measures are ignored. Here is some safety tips you should strictly follow:

drop-icon Respond immediately if you smell gas; it had better you install a carbon monoxide detector
drop-icon Do not damage gas pipes and meters while doing renovation activities
drop-icon Keep kids away from gas appliances
drop-icon Keep the flammables away from stove and heaters
drop-icon Seek professional assistance if you need to make some changes to gas-pipes infrastructure

Being a team of competent Edmonton plumbers, our workers stay well-equipped and ready to counter plumbing emergencies. Do not hesitate to call us if you need quick assistance regarding gas lines. Call:780-934-1626 to get timely assistance. You can also send your queries at

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