With sufficient industry-specific and profound plumbing and servicing experience to back them, Piper Plumbing is your number one choice for all kinds of plumbing needs related to boilers. When we call ourselves boiler specialists, it is not a mere self proclamation. We have many things to prove here.

Piper Plumbing is in constant touch with the latest developments in the boiler industry

As soon as a new brand of boiler is introduced in the market, we are among the first plumbing companies in the St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park or Leduc area, to get to know the details about it. Our plumbers are trained under the guidance of the manufacturers directly.

Piper Plumbing offers full-range boiler plumbing and servicing options

Further, at Piper Plumbing, we fully realize the fact that boilers are an essential part of the heating system in your home. Hence, we focus on all kinds of plumbing and servicing pertaining to hydronic boilers, ranging from installation to servicing and maintenance.

Points to consider while making a final decision to buy a boiler-tips offered by Piper Plumbing

A few points to consider before making the final decision of buying a boiler can effectively lead to many positive results in your home:

  • Is the brand a well-known one?
  • Is it suited to the décor and other types of physical settings in your home?
  • Has it been designed as a safe and easy-to-operate product?
  • Is it environmental-friendly?
  • What are the risks associated with it?
  • Is it too expensive to fit in your budget?
  • Has it been approved as an Energy Efficient product so that you can federal rebates and incentives?

We deal with only the top-notch boiler brands

Moreover, we put our highly acknowledged and constantly updated to best use by helping you choose only the best-quality boiler brands available in the market, such as Laars, Buderus, Baxi, and so on.

Like all of the other plumbing fixtures in the plumbing system in your home, boilers should be serviced regularly. If you are not in a position to carry out the maintenance tasks on your own, then you can always utilize the acknowledged boiler cleaning and maintenance services offered by Piper Plumbing.

Early detection of problems prevents major breakdowns of boilers

To help homeowners in the early detection of signs of troubles related to boilers, Piper Plumbing provides a set of troubleshooting symptoms such as:

  • A visible drop in pressure
  • Water that flows from the boiler is either hot or less hot than the normal conditions
  • The boiler flame is yellowish or irregular
  • The device either heats up too much or refills rather frequently
  • The boiler fan creates strange noises
  • You find stains or smoke near the area where the boiler is installed

Put in a nutshell, Piper Plumbing is a specialist in offering top-notch residential heating services with regard to boilers, ranging from installations to repairs and replacements using the best in terms of technology, techniques, supplies and parts and service personnel.

If you are considering replacing the old boiler in your home with a high-quality and energy-efficient gas boiler, then call us today at 780-934-1626. You have another option; you can send us an email at

Take a constructive step earnestly towards reducing your monthly energy bills by servicing the boilers at your home!