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Plumbing fixtures; repair, installation, and maintenance

Plumbing fixtures are various changeable components which form a plumbing network. For instance, faucet, sink, bathtub and channel drain. It is highly advisable that homeowners consult well-reputed plumbers in order to choose and install right plumbing fixtures in terms of capacity and quality. An experienced plumber knows very well the plumbing needs of residents. Our plumbers, at Piper Plumbing, have vast experience in choosing and recommending fixtures which meet varying needs. Therefore, if you are living in Edmonton and planning to install, replace or repair plumbing fixtures, our certified plumbers are just a call away. Our plumbing-fixtures services include:

drop-icon Replacement and installation of complete plumbing system
drop-icon Minor repairs such as dripping tap
drop-icon Installation of bathtubs, showers, sinks and all other fixtures
drop-icon Replacing corroded and damaged pipes
drop-icon Fixing pipe leaks and inspection
drop-icon Clearing out clogged drains

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The quality of plumbing fixtures and their installation do matter when it comes to the efficient supply of clean water and quick disposal of the waste

The performance of plumbing fixtures and the entire system can be gauged by these factors:
drop-icon Uninterrupted supply of clean water in the house
drop-icon Water pressure
drop-icon No blockage or leakage
drop-icon Satisfactory outflow of waste
drop-icon Lifespan of plumbing fixtures

Some common plumbing fixtures are:

drop-icon Sinks
drop-icon Tubs
drop-icon Showers
drop-icon Bidets
drop-icon Pipelines

drop-icon Faucets
drop-icon Toilets
drop-icon Garbage disposal
drop-icon Vents and taps
drop-icon Outlets and drains

Our plumbers recommend the brand which manufactures high-quality plumbing items. They know very well which kind of fixtures would comfortably fulfill your needs. Piper Plumbing is all about taking care of all of your plumbing problems in Edmonton. To schedule a repair, installation or replacement of fixtures in Edmonton Dial 780-934-1626. or email us at

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