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Piper Plumbing gets distress calls every now and then from stressed-up home owners who have their basements all filled up with sewage water. This is most commonly witnessed during heavy rains and thunderstorms.

Piper Plumbing deeply analyses the possible causes of sewer back up

Owing to our seasoned experience and profound industry-related expertise, we have analysed the most possible causes that lead to such a situation. They could be due to:
drop-icon A major fault in the main municipal or city sewer lines
drop-icon Careless flushing down of items that do not belong to the sewage line, such as baby diaper, toilet tissues, and so on
drop-icon Even the rise down of grease and oils down the kitchen drain line can lead to partial clogging of the entire drain line system
drop-icon The actions of children such as flushing down items like toys down the toilet drain line

Wondering what to do when you find the basement in your home filled with knee-deep sewage water

Talking about sewer back up, we want to stress the fact that sewer back up can neither be predicted nor avoided completely.
drop-icon This holds good especially when the block is located in the main city or municipality sewer lines.
drop-icon You can seldom do much about this issue other than reporting about it to the concerned authorities.
drop-icon You have to patiently wait till they arrive and set things right by clearing the clogs efficiently.

Piper Plumbing diagnoses and fixes sewer back up in private properties professionally

Realizing the extent of the health hazards and other kinds of undesirable effects of sewer back up, Piper Plumbing not only attends to your calls immediately but also offers long-standing results using highly tested and proven technologies.

We educate our customers regarding the various effective techniques to:

drop-icon Detect
drop-icon Fix and
drop-icon Prevent sewer back up

most trusted drain specialist

Let us take a deeper look at these techniques:

drop-icon Piper Plumbing installs a Mainline Backwater Valve to efficiently tackle this issue. Through this, we are able to detect early if there is any back water flow occurring in the drain lines.
drop-icon Once it is confirmed that there is indeed a back surge happening, an internal valve located in this device automatically closes. Thereby, the sewage water is prevented from entering your home and stagnating in the basement area.
drop-icon Using a stand pipe is another technique wherein a short pipe is inserted in the drain line of the basement area. But, this technique is not quite effective in preventing or controlling changes in pressure.
drop-icon Hence, we move on to the method of installing overhead sewer lines. As long as the water level in the main city drain lines is lesser than that of the overhead sewer lines, this method works fine in preventing sewer back flow.
drop-icon Proceeding further, the state-of-the-art technique in eliminating sewer back up issues is to fix sewer cut-off valves. The very name indicates that we cut off your home’s drain line from the rest of the main city drain lines.
drop-icon There are two kinds of valves used for this purpose. One is the manually operated one that requires someone in the home to close it when an emergency arises. On the other hand, the automatic valve is designed in such a way that it instantly closes without any supervision. We install a separate valve, specifically meant for your home.
As with all other things in life, prevention is the best solution with regard to sewer back up too! You never know when and how this would happen in your home. Hence, always be prepared with a basic knowledge about the steps you need to adopt immediately on witnessing stagnation of sewage water in the basement area.
Along with this, we strongly advise you to keep the contact details of your personal plumber-Piper Plumbing-readily available. Please note down our phone number-780-934-1626. You have another option; you can send us an email at
With us, never again do you have to find your home immersed in hazardous sewage water. Overcome any kind of such helplessness with our able support and on-time plumbing services!

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